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Our platform enables companies to work with their suppliers and customers to improve cash flow by determining the best time and terms for paying or getting paid.


Strengthen your balance sheet – or strengthen your supply chain


Get paid sooner when you need working capital – or pay at the right time to optimize your cash position.

MHS Trade Network

Working Capital For Everyone.

We leverage technology to improve the access of trade finance and provide visibility in a fragmented market.

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MHS International provides a wide spectrum of trade finance instruments to be used along the entire supply chain. We map out the entire supply chain to identify the risks and opportunities in each trader’s spoke.

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Convenient, cost-effective access to the working capital you need to thrive

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Frequently Asked Questions

Take control of your cash flow with MHS Trade Network

Get your customers to pay you early by offering your customers a discount in exchange for early payment. Zero fees. You only pay for the discount you offer for early payment.




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I have financing options, why would I switch?

Companies use MHS because it allows them to take more control of their cash flow by controlling when they get paid. It’s also faster, easier, and provides a lower cost of capital than other sources of funding.

What is your relationship with my customers?

MHS is the technology and support provider behind your customers’ early payment programs. The MHS platform provides a secure portal to request early invoice payments on demand.

How do I receive payment?

Once your offer is accepted, payment is delivered using your current payment method.

How quickly can I receive early payment?

Payments are generally processed and distributed within 48 hours of an offer being accepted.

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MHS delivers certainty, simplicity &
security for all parties in the value chain.

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We offer asset-based lending with early payment programs through MHS.

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